01. The U.S. and Russia have signed a [pact] agreeing to destroy the majority of their nuclear weapons over the next 20 years.
02. The Prime Minister signed a non-aggression [pact] with Germany.
03. The children made a [pact] together to never tell anyone about their incredible adventure.
04. The countries in the region have entered into a [pact] to negotiate an end to the hostilities.
05. The young girl made a suicide [pact] with her best friend, but luckily her parents found out, and were able to save the girls.
06. The free-trade [pact] has mainly benefited industry, whereas the workers in both countries have not seen any real increase in salaries.
07. The Israeli government has signed a [pact] with the Palestinian leader to turn over control of the area to Palestinian security forces.
08. Edmund Burke once said that history is a [pact] between the dead, the living, and the yet unborn.
09. The free-trade [pact] between the two countries has brought great profits for certain industries, but does not seem to have benefited the workers.
10. A deal to reduce nuclear weapons is being negotiated between NATO and the Warsaw [Pact] countries.
11. The Nazi-Soviet non-aggression [pact] of 1939 allowed Germany to attack Poland.
12. So far, the [pact] has been respected by all the signatories.
13. The two right-wing parties made a [pact] to work together to unseat the Leftist government.
14. The free-trade [pact] is expected to produce economic benefits all the countries involved.
15. In 1939, Denmark signed a [pact] with Nazi Germany promising that neither country would attack the other.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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